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At Landmark we sell seasoned logs for fires at home or for use in the commercial environment. We also sell woodchip both for mulching and weed suppression. We also sell a "fuel grade" woodchip for the commercial recycling and renewable energy market.

Our logs are produced from our tree operations and are processed in our main yard to quality firewood. The process of "cord wood" (or green wood) to log takes approximately 18 months. As wood comes into the yard it is rendered down into sections ready for splitting across one of our three log-splitters and saw-benches.

From here it is stacked in either covered barns or in 1 cubic metre bags (Approximately) for seasoning. Our yard and barns are ideal for seasoning timber because the flat land around the area provides a good supply of windy days to draw the moisture off the wood. Although not every bag or load of logs is tested, each bay or bag batch has a sample taken to collate its approximate moisture content. By density we aim to produce each log with approximately 25% moisture content when loaded giving a high calorific value.

Log loads can be either pure hardwood or mixed hardwood and softwood. The likely content of the hardwood/softwood mixed loads are species such as willow, poplar and spruce. We try not to put conifer or pine in the loads but we never have a problem with logs splitting or not burning. Our seasoning process is so good that we have never had a problem relayed back to us.

On average we will sell approximately 1000 tons of split logs per year and have been doing so for some 10 years now. We feel we have a good and proven method for log production giving a quality product with a very efficient delivery and invoicing process. We welcome orders from approximately 1 cubic metre to approximately 100 cubic metres.


Woodchip is brought in from our tree operations and stored in our purpose built facility where we stack and turn the product to ensure an even composting process. Weed seeds and undesirable matter such as leaves are rotted out within four months whilst we maintain a target moisture rate of 45%. This produces a wood chip with good high organic matter levels and good moisture retention properties. Applied at 4/ 5 inches thick, the woodchip will suppress weeds and add some vital components to the soil.

Woodchip can be added to paths to alleviate wet conditions and to children's play areas to provide an alternative floor material. Horse menage flooring and lunging yards use woodchip and some stables bed horses on white woodchip with low stain qualities. It has a wide variety of uses and we aim to provide a quality product that can meet the demands of this modern and renewable energy world.

We currently supply woodchip to two power plants for domestic energy production from biomass fuels at a rate of up to 70 cubic metres a week.

Woodchip can be delivered to customers in approximately 1-3 cubic metre loads or approximately 10-16 cubic metre loads.

All log bags Hardwood or Hardwood Softwood mix £90 plus vat @ 5%.

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